Widget Editor

Our Widget Builder simplifies API integration effortlessly. Use the visual editor to create and publish widgets on third-party sites with a few clicks. The inline editor, without a separate IDE, provides a real-time preview.

Why Our Widget Editor?

Effortless Integration for a Streamlined Development Experience

Seamless IDE Integration

Craft widgets effortlessly with our user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE).

Guided Development

Step-by-step guidance and comprehensive documentation ensure your success from start to finish.

Resource Library

Access pre-built components and clone existing widgets for faster widget creation.


Our platform is designed to seamlessly and swiftly bring in data from different sources, such as financial markets, news feeds, or other relevant information.

Supersonic Fast

Widgets stay responsive and nimble even with thousands of components and hundreds of workflows.

Distribute Widgets

Effortlessly distributes HTML5 widget content to external websites or user interfaces using the integrated widget builder.

Seamless API Integration

Our software simplifies the process of integrating any API into your backend services. With minimal effort, you can connect and harness the power of diverse APIs to enhance your application’s functionality.

Effortless Widget Deployment

Create and publish widgets easily on third-party websites using our visual editor. Expand your online reach and engage with your audience by distributing your widgets across the web with just a few clicks.

Manage Widget Access with Ease

Following the creation of a widget, our administrative center streamlines the process of defining its intended audience and selecting the specific data that should be channeled to it.

In-line Widget Editor with a Preview

Our integrated widget creation tool is designed for ease of use, enabling direct widget generation within the application and eliminating the need for a separate IDE. It includes a live preview screen that displays the widget as it’s being developed.

Take Control of Your Code

Empower Your Development with Simplified Integration and Complete Code Ownership

At Xinfinit, we understand the importance of maintaining control over your source code. Our approach is both simple and powerful: we manage the complex aspects of integration and implementation, allowing you to retain full ownership and control of your code.


Your source code belongs to you, ensuring that you maintain complete control over its destiny.


Our process keeps you in the loop, providing transparency and visibility into every step of integration and implementation.


Maintaining control over your code enhances security, as you have the final say in safeguarding your valuable assets.


Customize your software according to your unique needs while we handle the technical heavy lifting.


Stay empowered to make changes, updates, and optimizations as your project evolves.