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Why Xinfinit?

Why Xinfinit?

Revolutionize Your Trading and Market Data Solutions

Xinfinit offers an unparalleled application builder framework designed specifically for banks, brokers, insurance companies, and news outlets. Our innovative solutions enable you to develop trading frontends and market data research tools with minimal effort. Here’s why Xinfinit stands out:

Core Features

Speed of Development

Rapidly build and deploy sophisticated applications

HTML5 and Mobile Support

Create responsive, mobile-friendly applications

Easy Customization

Tailor applications to meet your unique needs effortlessly


Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and data

Advanced Charting Capabilities

Utilize our powerful charting tools to gain deeper insights

Multi-Asset Class

Support for a wide range of asset classes to meet diverse trading needs

Unique Selling Points

Fully Cloud-Hosted

Our applications and data stores are fully cloud-hosted, ensuring scalability and reliability.

Integrated Widget Editor

Customize and enhance your applications with our intuitive widget editor

Ownership and Control

Once built, clients take full ownership of the software and can continue development independently, a key differentiator from other solutions

Proven Success

Xinfinit has a proven track record of success, including the development of multiple terminal solutions and an entire cryptocurrency trading platform complete with an Order Management System (OMS) and matching engine. These case studies highlight our capability to deliver robust and effective solutions tailored to client needs.

Comprehensive Customer Support

We provide a team of experienced developers through our rent-a-coder model, ensuring you have the expertise needed to maintain and evolve your applications. Our support includes:

Faster Time-to-Market

Achieve quicker deployment with our streamlined processes

Cost Efficiency

Benefit from significant savings by opting to buy versus build

Extensive Documentation

Access thorough and detailed documentation to facilitate smooth development and maintenance

Future-Proof Development

Post-deployment, we offer continuous support and maintenance, helping you keep your codebase up to date with the latest standards and practices. Our commitment to ongoing assistance ensures your applications remain robust and competitive

Industry Standards Compliance

We utilize leading open-source technologies like Hazelcast and Keycloak, ensuring our solutions meet industry standards and compliance requirements. Our dedication to using proven technologies guarantees reliability and security

Enhanced Features and Capabilities

At Xinfinit, we continually strive to provide exceptional features and capabilities to enhance your experience

Interactive and Video Demonstrations

Experience our platform firsthand through interactive sandbox environments and high-quality video demonstrations

Regular Webinars and Workshops

Stay informed and educated with our regular webinars and workshops, where we showcase new features and discuss industry trends

Global Reach and Multilingual Support

Our platform supports multiple languages and regions, catering to a diverse global client base

Intuitive Interface & Customizable Dashboards

Benefit from an intuitive interface and the ability to create fully customizable dashboards tailored to your specific needs

Comprehensive Developer Resources

Access a wealth of developer resources, including SDKs, API documentation, and community forums for interaction and support

Performance Guarantees and SLAs

Rely on our performance guarantees and service level agreements for assurance of reliability and efficiency

Explore Our Work

Our success stories are visually represented through application screenshots and client logos, showcasing the effectiveness and appeal of our solutions. See how our platform transforms the way our clients operate.