Data Distribution Platform

XINFINIT provides a powerful data distribution platform for effective financial data management. Integral to our cloud infrastructure, it enables seamless, low-latency integration of diverse data sources, facilitating real-time market data and order updates through OpenAPIs.

Our Key Features

Efficiently Streamline and Manage Financial Data Flow

Open Container Architecture

Flexibly integrate external data sources and functionalities, enabling robust and dynamic data management.

Real-Time Data Delivery

The data distribution platform supports a low-latency, scalable message layer, ensuring timely updates for market data and orders, crucial for effective decision-making in dynamic markets.

Advanced APIs

Utilize our Data Contribution API, Streaming Contribution API, and Web Socket API for secure and efficient data handling

Fast Integration

Leverage OpenAPIs for rapid and effortless integration of various data sources, enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of financial data dissemination.

Customization and Adaptability

Our integrated HTML5 Widget Builder complements the API, enabling the creation of custom, interoperable HTML5 apps that align with your specific business requirements.

Granular Control

Administered through our Business Rules Administrator, the API allows precise control over market data usage and user interface configurations, ensuring tailored data consumption and content management.

Secure Access

Access to the API and its documentation is restricted to registered users, maintaining high standards of security and data integrity.